5 Garden Décor Trends You Can’t Miss For 2021

5 Garden Décor Trends You Can’t Miss For 2021

With summer approaching, it’s time to get outside and enjoy outdoor space, this summer why not adding some new elements to your garden? Proper garden decorations allow you to create a garden of your own style, let’s get a little inspiration from our expert team and look into these 5 garden decorations trends now!

Hanging chairs or swings shall be one of the main garden trends for 2021! They are the perfect spots for your social media and give you the “me time”, reading books or listening to music and the chair will slowly and gradually bring you into relaxing mode. Stock hanging chairs now and help your customers adding unique style to their gardens this summer.

2. Garden Fountains

Adding a fountain to your garden is your first step towards a new level of relaxation. The soothing sounds of moving water will wash your mind, helps your brain let go of stresses, and allow your body to relax. On hktdc.com sourcing, there is a selection of fountains, from traditional to modern styles, available in all sizes and materials, there’s always one that suits your design needs. 

3. Planters/Pots

Always give your plants somewhere beautiful to grow. A planter with a special design adds character and style to your garden. Planter comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials such as terracotta, ceramic or stone. When choosing your pot, you need to make sure the material matches the style of your garden. If you want a contemporary look, choose a planter in zinc or steel. If you need a Japanese style, go for a plain color ceramic planter with a bamboo tray.

4. Garden light

With the right garden lighting, you can add a touch of design to your garden. Different types of lighting serve different purposes and create different effects. For example, string garden lights are a popular item to illuminate the paths and other areas of your garden or you can also place string lights around trees or plants. The portable garden lights are another popular option for garden owners, they can be easily moved around within the garden area and allow you to light up certain areas.

5. Garden fence

A garden fence is a must-have item for every garden, but when it comes to garden decoration, we will always miss it out. Why waste it when you can make use of it? One easy and simple idea will be hanging multi-colored bottles/jars with wire hangers, or you may build up a small garden on your fence too, all these ideas will give your garden a charming and refreshing look. 

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