4 Toys For Kids That Inspire Imagination And Creativity

4 Toys For Kids That Inspire Imagination And Creativity

Mobile games and tech toys may be visually exciting and have a “wow” effect, yet traditional toys, such as the plush animals, DIY puppy and miniature shopping cart below, can inspire children’s imagination and creativity, plus offer them tactile comfort.

Kinder Toys Co Ltd specialises in producing fine, soft plush animals that can offer companionship to and melt the hearts of children and adults alike. Pictured are an adorable raccoon (model A43557, 17cm in height) and a lovable rabbit (model A43558, 19cm in height), both of which are made from acrylic plush and are EN71- and ASTM-compliant. The manufacturer also supplies plush animals made from mohair, polyester plush and polyester fabric.

2. Doll buggy and shopping cart

Besides looking cute, Million Link Ind’l Ltd’s Cuby-branded doll buggy with an optional umbrella (model T125C+T242, 48x27x54cm) and doll shopping cart with a removeable basket (model T205, 40/45x30x57.5cm) can also inspire the imagination of children. Made from polyester, metal and plastic, both toys come with two safety locks each and meet the EN71 and ASTM standards.

3. DIY plush puppy set

Red Star Holdings Ltd offers a range of do-it-yourself products under its I-Studio brand, including the Make It Splashy plush puppy set (model 3C0817A), which comes with colouring pens and a dropper. Simply colour in the puppy using the pens provided and then use the dropper to add water onto the colours to diffuse them for a vibrant gradient effect.

4. Musical plush bear with LED lights

More than just a cuddly plush toy, this OEKO-TEX-certified plush bear (model WF160082, 10 inches in height when seated) from Woodfield Toys Ltd will play soothing lullabies when its left paw is pressed. Its built-in colour-changing LEDs will also light up, making it a “furry” good companion of small children.

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