11 Best Gifts For Just About Anyone

The COVID-19 pandemic affects our everyday life and create so much inconvenience to our daily activities. During this period, we are not able to meet our friends and family in person, sending a gift to them is a good way to show they’re still in your thoughts. Hong Kong suppliers provide a treasure trove of 11 fantastic gift ideas that make gifting easy, check them out now!

Mask up in style with these colorful preventive masks (model EM-025, top, and EM-026) from Excel Leader Ltd. Measuring 14.5×20.5cm, the three-layer mask for adults consists of a high-density, printed cloth outer layer, an anti-bacterial middle layer made from waterproof cloth and a high-density cotton inner layer.

2. Face mask holder

These face mask storage holders and folders from Nam Hing (HK) Co Ltd come in handy when dining out or keeping spare masks. Pictured are the giraffe-print storage holder, measuring 19x12cm, and the Forever Young Beauty mask folder, measuring 23x22cm, which are both made of PP with a frosted finish.

3. lonizo portable ionic air purifier

This filterless Ionizo portable ionic air purifier (model CWI1200) from Lofty Fty Co Ltd tracks air quality in real-time and emits more than 1.5 million negative ions/cm3. Measuring 68x40x20mm, the compact and lightweight device is made of ABS and is CE-, RoHS- and UN38.3-certified. 

4. UV mini sanitiser toothbrush case

Manova Int’l Ltd’s UV mini sanitiser toothbrush case (model STB-017) features a UV sterilisation enclosure that disinfects toothbrush heads and a ventilation drainage to keep them dry. Measuring 77x54x29mm, the portable storage case is rechargeable via a micro USB port and can run up to 19 sanitisation cycles on a single charge.

During the pandemic, we are staying at home to avoid crowds, boredom seems inevitable..So, what’s better than a variety of activities to keep your mind, body and soul healthy and productive?

5. Aromeo smart diffuser

Indulge in a clean and relaxing aromatherapy experience at home with the Aromeo smart diffuser by Miscato Ltd which comes with a 100-per-cent organic, plant-based essential oil blend with antiviral, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. The diffuser does not require water, heat or any other ingredients to operate and can be controlled with an associated app that allows users to schedule sessions remotely and enjoy tracks for relaxation and meditation. 

6. Gemstone mala bracelets with tassels

Venus Gemstone Jewelry Co Ltd offers these exquisite gemstone mala bracelets with tassels (model V-MALA-001) that are ideal for those who regularly meditate or do yoga. Each bracelet is handmade with natural gemstones and measures 7.5in.

7. Hand-cranked paper music box

Wind up this hand-cranked paper music box (model QSY) from Huiliduo (HK) Industry Development Ltd and enjoy some pleasant melodies. Measuring 6.5x6x3cm, this colourful music box features a small photo frame inside and makes a great gift for anyone who appreciates a musical treat.

The COVID-19 is bringing families closer than ever, now that we are all staying under the same roof waiting for the better days, it’s easy to feel nostalgic. The good old days, the last family trip we had, the old toys we used to like most…

8. Crystocraft-branded SMOOTH-SPIN whiskey glass base

The patented Crystocraft-branded SMOOTH-SPIN whiskey glass base (model P-GL0041-T) from United Art Metals Fty Ltd enhances one’s drinking experience by unlocking the flavours and aromas of the spirit with a gentle spin. Made from 316 stainless steel, the meticulously machined coaster measures 90mm in diameter (fitting glasses within 80mm in diameter) and is available in rose-gold, stainless-steel and jet-black plating. Also pictured are 310 ml-whiskey glasses made of K9 crystal and measuring 8.2×9.4cm, making for perfect companions.

9. Canvas art cover photo album

This canvas art cover photo album (model BB24046MS/CNF) from Wealth Concept Ltd helps to make prized snapshots and precious memories last forever in an organised manner. The album is made from fabric, paper and PP plastic and each page holds two 4×6 photos.

10. Realistic scale models and die-cast toy cars

Welly Die Casting Int’l Ltd specialises in manufacturing realistic scale models and die-cast toy cars like this classic 1:18 BMW Isetta (model 24096W). The die-cast metal replica features working front wheels and a front door that opens, perfect for fans of vintage automobiles.

11. A range of lightweight, durable polyester bags

During this time, most of our travel plans may have affected, but it can’t stop our thirst for our next vacation! As a professional traveler, we always need to get our belongings ready, are you ready for a good backpack now?  Profinest Int’l Co Ltd supplies a range of lightweight, durable polyester bags that suit various needs. The two-way backpack (model 81054, 34x16x40cm, left) can be converted to a tote bag with the back straps tucked away, while the waist bag (model 81059, 25x4x17cm, middle) comes with an adjustable strap and ensures easy access to personal belongings kept inside. The roomy weekender bag (model 81057, 49×18.5x29cm, right) provides plenty of space to hold all the essentials and some more.

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