5 Latest Kitchen Designs Trend You Cannot Miss

While more people are eating at home, consumers are also looking into ways to improve their home kitchens. To keep yourself abreast of the latest consumer trend in home kitchen, we have gathered from some professional interior designers and come up with these 5 latest kitchen design trends.

Technology is transforming homes all over the world. With the latest technology like motion sensing function, voice-controlled AI assistants and our own smartphones, we can control and manage our kitchen cabinet with a single touch.

A touchless faucet allows you to easily turn water on and off with the wave of a hand. A smart refrigerator that equipped with a touch screen on the front allow you to view the content of your fridge without having to open the doors and they will alert you on food stock automatically. Or you can sync your smartphone to a coffee machine and it will have your morning cup of coffee ready and waiting for you in the morning.

2. “Japandi” style


First question comes into your mind, what is Japandi ? Japandi brings the Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetic together. It stresses on both the form and functionality as well as the connection to nature. 

To achieve this style, minimalist design and simplicity is all we need. Simply incorporating kitchen appliances with clean lines, calm colour palettes and give them space to breathe in your space. Japandi styles also emphasize sustainability. You can put unfinished woods, handmade pots, green plants or some bamboo pieces into your kitchen and it brings in the feeling of nature and simplistic beauty. But bear in mind, don’t overdo.

3. Mixing metals trend

mixing metals kitchen

Mixing metals have been a popular design trend in recent years, not only it can add layers and texture to your kitchen, it can also create a historical look and make your kitchen more interesting.

There are three main tones of metals:  warm, cool and neutral one. Warm metals includes  copper, brass and gold. While silver, aluminum and stainless steel are considered as cool, cast iron and black metals are neutral. You can use one dominant metal tone finish for your kitchen and coordinate it with accent metals. Go for a 7:3 ratio and avoid mixing all three types of metals in one time because this will be too busy.

If your kitchen is in simple and plain colour, go for a cool black metals faucet and match it with a copper vent hood. The black metals go well with the plain background while the warm copper create a stylish and sophisticated look in the kitchen.

4. Two-tone kitchen

two-toned kitchen

Two-tone kitchen is a hot design trend right now. It’s a great approach to add an interesting twist to your kitchen, creates visual interest and makes a small kitchen looks more spacious.

Two-tone kitchen provides a contrast and sense of organisation by using two different colours/textures of cabinetry.  If the kitchen is not huge, it may also apply to part of the kitchen such as the island instead of the whole cabinets.  A contrast of dark and light shade of the same colours may be good to fit for the overall tone of the decoration. Re-colouring of the cabinets can be done DIY and there is a growing trend of home improvement projects going on due to the lockdowns. 

5. Eco-Friendly Kitchen


Customers are getting aware of the importance of eco-friendly products and therefore are more willing to look for kitchen materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable. So how to set up an eco-friendly kitchen? To start with, you may hang plants in your kitchen area to make it go green. Next step, try to think of the window, you can go for eco-friendly windows as it helps minimize the heat transfer between the inside of your home and the outdoors. Some research has shown it can lower household energy bills by 12% and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You may also consider using non-toxic paint. Natural paint is made from materials like clay, milk proteins, or citrus, which are solvent-free and have zero levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Beside deciding which colour to use, you may also look for greenguard-certified paint that helps reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure, making your kitchen more  environmentally friendly.

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