Top 5 must have items for modern playgrounds

Top 5 Must Have Items For Modern Playgrounds

While retail or entertainment has partly gone online, some public spaces such as shopping malls may use playground facilities to boost traffic. Besides, some home settings around the world may also allow similar facilities in the backyard? The list below shows the top 5 popular items to include in a playground that can provide fun experiences to all children.

Slides are always popular in any playground and they come in different shapes, designs and vary in height too. The most common shape of a swing will be straight, curved, or spiral. In our opinion, a simple straight slide is already fun enough for some of the younger kids while a curved or spiral slide will definitely bring more excitement to bigger kids.

After you have decided on the shape of the slide, the next step is to think about the setting of the slide, do you want to make it a free-standing slide and not attached it to a larger playground? Or you can go for a composite slide and connect it to other playground equipment. 

2. Swing

If you’re looking for something simple, the classic two-seater swing set is perfect for you. And if the swing is for smaller kids, the bucket swing seat is safer and more suitable for them. Still get confused and don’t know which one should you go for? Sourcing is here to help! We’ll guide you and help match you with the right slide.

3. Playhouse

Having a playhouse at the playground for kids is one of the best options, a playhouse creates a secret place for kids, allow them to have fun with their friends. With different themes and styles like the classic wooden playhouses, colourful cottages, or even a tailor-made playhouse, there’s always one that most suits your customers’ needs.

4. Ball Pit /Ball House

When it comes to the top 5  toys list, ball pit will surely be on the list! Similar to the playhouse, ball pit comes with different designs, patterns, and sizes. If you do not have enough space at the playground, you should aim at a foldable pop-up ball pit, as it is light in weight and is easier to move from one place to another. You may also go for those that are made of washable material so that you can clean them regularly.

5. Trampoline

The trampoline provides endless fun for kids and bouncing can increase their balancing skills, develops better coordination.  It is also a perfect item that helps to burn off their energy. 

When buying a trampoline, you need to pay attention to the quality of the trampoline, make sure that it meets international safety requirements. Adequate training and supervision are also recommended for the use of this kind of bouncy equipment.

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