Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist 2022: 6 Essential Items Every Woman Should Have

Getting dressed is definitely a daily struggle for everyone, especially for women. Standing in front of your closet, thinking which outfit to pick every day is frustrating. We all know that and therefore we have asked and interviewed some top stylists from the industry and come up with the below wardrobe checklist, take a look at the guide and see which 6 basic items that work best for your customers now.  

A tank top is a must-have item in every woman’s wardrobe, as it is easy to style, you can wear them to the gym, beach, go shopping or even go to work. They are also great for layering, you can wear them under your overshirts, blazers, or jackets. You can also add a belt and this can add accent to your outfit. If you are wearing a dark-colored tank top, you can go for some fancy color belt to create some contrast to your whole style.

2. Midi dress

The most versatile item in every woman’s wardrobe is probably the midi dress. Made from a wide range of materials and with lots of patterns and styles available, this calf-length dress is comfortable to wear throughout the year and you can actually wear it for nearly every occasion.

3. Women blazer

Blazer is usually considered as formal wear and mostly seen in work environments, but now, it can also be worn as casual attire too. Go for a dark-coloured blazer as it is easy to do mix and match, or you can pair a colourful, pattern blazer with a plain white tee, jeans, and sneakers to play around with colours. 

4. Women trench coat

A timeless trench coat has become a key wardrobe staple for every woman. A trench coat is a real all-rounder, once you invest in a classic, you don’t need to buy a new one anymore.

5. Legging

Whether you are planning for a short jog, weekend getaway, or whatever activities, a good pair of leggings is something that you can’t be missed. Leggings available in short, regular, and long lengths to fit everyone, different textures also serve different activities too. You may browse through hktdc.com Sourcing and go for one that best suits you.  

6. Leather jacket

A leather jacket has always been the heart of a wardrobe. A classy and unique piece of leather jacket is something that brings out your own personality.