China’s new customs measures to soften coronavirus impact on trade

After a month-long economic pause to contain transmission of COVID-19, many of China’s industries and businesses are struggling to resume former productivity levels – with many workers opting to work from home or unable to use public transportation.

In an effort to assist foreign trade firms, China’s General Administration of Customs has issued a handful of new measures to soften the economic impact of the coronavirus, including:

  • Simplification of business registration and filing procedures – only changes in business name will require an online application submission, whereas notification of other changes may be postponed until the end of the epidemic;
  • Expediting the inspection process of necessary imported production equipment and raw materials;
  • Optimisation of pre-export supervision and improving the convenience of acquiring permits and necessary certificates;
  • Extended deadlines for certain trade documentation procedures
  • Promotion of international coordination and cooperation in response of restrictive foreign trade measures

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