Easy Home Office Set Up Tips To Increase Productivity

5 Easy Home Office Set Up Tips To Increase Productivity

The widespread of COVID-19 is keeping people at home and forcing companies to implement the work from home policies. This is probably the first time for many of us to work remotely as full time in our career. Working from home could be difficult for some of us (especially for those who have kids or pets at home), therefore, in this article we’ll share with you 5 easy home office set up that can make you concentrate and increase your daily work productivity.   

good laptop and connectivity when working from home

One must have good tools in order to do a good job, therefore having a suitable laptop is important when you are working from home. Under the ‘new normal’, you will need to use the laptop everyday to stay in touch with other co-workers at home, so you may have to re-evaluate and re-consider the below factors such as the size and quality of the monitor, is the computer storage big enough to store all the files? Is the battery life long enough for a long meeting etc. Besides laptop, a high-speed and reliable network connectivity is also important. You’ll need the proper equipment and wiring to connect a network router, email and other service. You may go to hktdc.sourcing and find out more computers and peripheral products.

stay away from the distractions from your family members and pets

2. Quiet location

We believe you must have come across these embarrassing yet hilarious scene when you are working from home: your kids crying for food, your naked husband appears on your zoom meeting ..the distractions from your family members and pets can affect you a lot, so set up a dedicated home office in the quietest area of your home is important. If you do not have a private office of your own, you may consider using a room divider to separate your workspace from the rest of the home and create a quiet environment. You may also put on a “Do Not Disturb” sign and make sure they won’t come and disturb you.

working at home with right lighting and good air quality

3. Right lighting and good air quality

Exposure to more natural light can make you healthier and improve your productivity. A research from Cornell University shows that ‘workers sitting close to a window that optimized daylight exposure reported a 2% increase in productivity’. So when you are working from home, choose the best place to work, locate your place where you can receive as much natural light as you can. Apart from the light, the air quality of your home is another thing you need to pay attention to. Indoor air pollution make you more likely to develop skin and nose allergies, it is also harmful to humans’ health in the long run. Therefore, with a proper air purifier or a green plant for your home, your home office life will be greatly improved.

Create a green home office

4. Create a green home office

It’s time to turn your home office into a green office! The easiest way is to have some green plants near your workspace since plants help to improve the air quality by filtering and reducing toxins found in the air, it can also increase the humidity around the area and add a touch of style to your workspace. Besides getting green plants, you may also add green element to your workspace by posting green colour posters or drawings on wall, as green colour creates a calming and soothing environment that reduces stress and increases harmony. 

Design your own workspace to increase productivity

5. Design your own workspace

Having a beautiful workspace can make you happy, provide you inspiration and make you more devoted to your work. To start with, you may think about the overall colour scheme of your workspace, then next step you may start choosing a proper desk and chair. After you have all the basic settings, you may also create a unique scent for your workspace. Scent plays a significant role in home office design as many research has shown that it has a positive impact on your mood and it also help boosting your productivity.  

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