Guidelines for Exporting Textile & Footwear Products to Mainland China

Mainland China’s 1.4 billion population constitutes a huge market for clothing and one that is growing year by year.  These garment brands can be divided into two major groups. The first comprises upmarket brands, targeted at consumers with growing spending power, an increasing taste for luxury and high‑end brands, and a concern for the quality of both clothing and the shopping experience. The second is more mass market, offering affordable and trendy garments to largely young consumers.

Mainland China has a number of chemical and physical requirements for textile andfootwear products

With such a large demand with more and more new brands entering the market and international brands stepping up their presence in the mainland, how can your brand successfully enter this market?

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Companies must gain an understanding of Mainland China and its regulations.  First, Mainland China has a number of chemical and physical requirements for textile and footwear products, and these requirements are compulsory at the national level in order for products to enter the country. These requirements and standards are specific to product categories, such as children’s rubber shoes, for example. These standards include, but are certainly not limited to:

  1. Chemical requirements, with standards pH levels and chemical levels, and restrictions on a number of chemicals, such as azo dye
  2. Performance requirements, such as colourfastness and Odor
  3. Labelling requirements, including fiber content and washing instructions, and sizing labels
  4. Product categories

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