4 Types Of Textiles That Make Homes Cozier And Prettier

Cushion covers, blankets, towels, and aprons are all essential home textiles, which should be safe, useful and comfortable. It’s even better if they can add colours and characters to hearth and home.

White cushion with
South China Manufacturers Co
Plush fabric resembling animal fur
State Harvest Development Ltd

Cushions make for excellent decorations as they can help brighten up and add personality to any living space. And by simply changing the covers, consumers can easily keep their homes looking fresh and stylish. South China Manufacturers Co is one of many Hong Kong firms that offer cushion covers, including ones that will put a smile on people’s faces. Meanwhile, cushion covers made from fine plush fabrics, such as those from State Harvest Development Ltd, make homes feel luxurious and inviting.

2. Children's cuddle blankets

Grey cuddle blanket made from organic cotton for children
JC Lifestyle Ltd

From toys to towels, babies and small children love to hold, kiss and even bite anything that they can get their hands on, which is why children’s products must be of the highest quality and safety. Natural materials, such as cotton, are usually favoured over synthetic ones for making textiles for little ones. JC Lifestyle Ltd goes the extra mile to supply Pichoun-branded cuddle blankets that are made from organic cotton. This gives parents additional peace of mind while minimising harmful effects on the environment.

3. Towels

Microfibre towels of various sizes, colours and prints
Inter-Pole Int’l Enterprise Ltd

While cotton is often a preferred material for making garments and bedroom textiles, microfibre fabric is a better option when it comes to making towels as it wicks moisture away much faster than cotton. Inter-Pole Int’l Enterprise Ltd’s microfibre towels, made from 80-per-cent polyester and 20-per-cent polyamide, are highly absorbent yet quick to dry, making them a handy helper both in the kitchen and the bathroom. Moreover, the towels can thoroughly clean any surfaces without leaving scratches or residues and can be custom made in terms of size, colour and print.

4. Aprons

Woman wearing a cotton denim apron
Rise Max Ind’l Ltd

Durability is key for garments that are to be worn every day, but appearance matters too. As such, the tough and well-loved cotton denim makes the perfect material for aprons. Rise Max Ind’l Ltd offers Living Essential-branded aprons made using 300g cotton denim. The use of the classic fabric means the protective garments are highly durable and have a universal appeal across all markets.

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