4 Techniques To Make Your Business Stand Out At Networking Events

4 Techniques To Make Your Business Stand Out At Networking Events

Going to a business networking event can be scary as a new entrepreneur. The business world can seem daunting at first, which is why it’s important to make a lasting first impression. To make your “sales pitch” stand out and differentiate yourself from your competitors, consider these four techniques:

  • Be a storyteller

    According to Fast Company, most people at networking events use an outdated “Hello, I’m Jon and I work in this industry. What do you do?” form of introduction. Not only is it boring, the details can get hazy once you hear back-to-back boilerplate answers. To be different, put a creative spin on what your business does. If you supply ice cream machinery and accessories, sell yourself as someone who helps make Sunday afternoons complete for families, couples or anyone in need of a treat!

  • Watch your digital presence/endorsement

Nowadays, people are researching everything online. Being associated or having a presence on some popular digital platform/network will increase credibility. Also have a search about your company or brand online. The content appears on the search result related to your company may also be the first impression your company gives to the others.

  • Be genuine about creating connections

    It’s easy to become trapped into a “how can you help me?” sort of mindset when you talk to someone new. Instead, the Forbes Communication Councilrecommends that you should focus on what people have to say and then make inquiries about interesting details – it shows that you were paying attention and that you genuinely care about what they tell you. You can’t force connections or work opportunities to happen, so it’s important to be patient and let them come to you naturally.

  • Who’s who?

    Researching who the event attendees are beforehand is a great way to set your bearings straight, suggests the Forbes Communication Council. Having strategic and specific questions to ask during your conversations shows confidence and a drive to succeed!