Introducing UKCA Marking

UKCA stands for “UK Conformity Assessed” which is the British version of the European Union’s CE marking. Though not quality indicators or certification marks, UKCA marking is a similar provision as the CE marking, applicable for UK laws and the UK market. 

Legislation for medical devices, rail interoperability, construction products and civil explosives are subject of UKCA marking in the UK and CE marking in the EU and EEA. There are differences between the UK and the EU for these pieces of legislation. 

For aerosol dispensers, UKCA marking is mandatory in the UK in contrast to the EU market. 

What If a Product is Sold in Both EU and UK?

UKCA marking is not recognized in the EU. Therefore, a consumer product may bear the UKCA marking next to the CE marking on the European market provided that an appropriate European conformity assessment is applied. 

UKCA Implementation Timeline

Legislative changes are planned for spring 2024 that will allow products from 21 product areas to be placed on the UK market beyond 31 December 2024 if they meet EU requirements, including CE marking. This means greater ease and flexibility for companies to use either the UKCA or CE marking to sell products in the UK.

If products with the CE mark are also to be made available on the UK market, the EU DoC must be in English.

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