Top 5 must-have daily living products for elderly

Top 5 Must-Have Daily Living Products For Elderly

Everyday tasks can become challenging for the elderly because of common health conditions like cognitive decline, arthritis, vision or hearing loss, and weakened muscles. Therefore, we have gathered 5 items that can help the elderly and make their everyday life easier.

When looking for a vacuum cleaner that is suitable for the elderly, a lightweight one with simple features is probably the best choice for them. As most elderly usually suffer from mild cognitive impairment, arthritis, and other conditions, they will find it hard to operate some vacuum cleaners that are heavy and with lots of complicated functions.

2. Shower chair

A bathroom is a high-risk place for falls, and it is always the main cause of injuries among the elderly. So it’s time to invest in a shower chair/ shower seat that can keep the elderly safe while having a shower. There are some points to note when choosing a show chair/seat: Is it sturdy? and how much weight can it hold? Can you adjust the shower seat or is it a fixed one?  

3. Walking cane / walking stick

Walking canes are one of the important tools for the elderly who are with limited mobility. With the help of a cane seat, it provides extra aid and balance for them while they are having activities outside. Walking canes come in different designs and styles, you may need to consider several factors before you decide which one to go for, e.g is the cane seat terrain friendly? Can the height be adjusted etc.?

4. Elderly mobile phone

Most of the elderly (except those who regard themselves as tech-savvy elderly) do not need many functions and features for their mobile phones, a mobile phone with a simple calling function, a big button, large front display is perfectly good for them. On top of that, elderly cell phones should also include a built-in SOS button. It allows the user to send a prepared message to their family or close friends and initiate a call when they are in danger.   

5. Nurse call system

The nurse call system is probably the most useful product for the elderly. When the elderly presses the call button, a signal will then send to the hospital, a healthcare staff member will immediately answer the call and offer it to the elderly.

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