5 Medical and Healthcare Products That Assist And Sanitise

5 Medical and Healthcare Products That Assist And Sanitise

As consumers increasingly strive for proper health and well-being, Hong Kong suppliers provide all sorts of dependable and well-designed products for taking precautionary measures, maintaining good hygienic practices and improving quality of life. Here are 5 helpful selections:

The Novaerus NV800 disinfection device from Aloha Medical Ltd uses patented filter-free ultra-low energy plasma technology with a two-speed fan to pull contaminated air across internal short-exposure plasma coils and deactivate airborne microorganisms and viruses at the DNA level. Measuring 36.6×36.5×11.4cm, it is designed for continuous air disinfection and odour control in small indoor spaces and can be wall-mounted or placed on a stand.

R & A Innovation (Asia) Ltd’s multifunctional, self-balancing electric wheelchair (model RA-1SK, 103.4-115.7×67.5×105.8-114.1cm) makes accessing ramps and inclines smooth and easy. Users can climb up slopes at a maximum of 12 degrees and cross obstacles up to 8cm and ditches up to 12cm wide. Featuring a minimum turning radius of 0.9m, it features both front or rear-wheel driving options and various seat functions such as rotation, tilt-and-recline and elevation.

Those who suffer from sports injuries, diabetic foot syndrome and various types of chronic wounds can speed up their healing process with the LymphaCARE device (model LC-LB-01, 220x120x110cm) offered by High Care Health Management Ltd. The equipment provides intermittent vacuum therapy through the application of alternating negative and positive pressure to the lower extremities up to the abdomen, improving circulation across all stages of peripheral arterial occlusive diseases.

Viruses and bacteria have nowhere to hide with the V-Buster anti-virus cycle light (model VB-0606-128A) from Ziglite Smart Health Care Products Co Ltd. Measuring 60x60x9cm, this LED panel light and air filtering combo can reduce and inhibit the growth of a range of viruses and bacteria using a combined layer of TTA (NTDA) non-woven fabric, coconut-based activated carbon and PM2.5 filters. The light is mounted on the ceiling to avoid mishandling and secondary contamination and is ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, schools, offices, factories and gyms.

The Meritech-brand CleanTech 2000S automated handwashing system from Delta Pyramax Engineering Ltd can remove more than 99.98 per cent of harmful pathogens while using 75-per-cent less water. The stainless-steel touch-free handwashing station features deep cylinders to wash above the wrists and can hold two one-gallon soap bottles and one one-gallon self-clean solution that provides up to 1,600 washes. It is particularly suitable for use in food processing plants, packaging plants, cleanrooms and laboratories.

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