6 Accessories To Enhance Your Home Bar

Going bar hopping is fun, but as we grow up, or because of the pandemic, you may no longer go to your favourite bars and clubs that often these days, so why not having drink at home in your pajamas? If you like this idea, let’s check out these 6 essential home bar accessories and set up your own chic home bar.

Whiskey tumblers are ideal for serving straight drinks with ice or for cocktails with muddled ingredients, whereas Collins glasses are more suited for drinks with crushed ice.

2. Ice Sphere Moulds

While a few drops of water can help open up a whiskey, the meltwater from regular ice cubes can dilute your liquors and cocktails! A larger sphere of ice melts at a slower rate – keeping your drink cool without watering it down.

3. Cocktail Muddler & Bar Spoon 

Perfect for stirring ingredients in taller glasses, these handy accessories will help you mix that drink with the flair of a professional bartender.

4. Boston-styled Cocktail Shaker

As the famous spy once said, “Shaken, not stirred.” Shaking is said to dissolve certain ingredients better than conventional stirring, and has the added benefit of making the drink cool faster when shaken with ice.

5. Cocktail Strainers

Keep unwanted bits out of your cocktails… Use a strainer!

6. Jigger

The measuring cups of the cocktail world, these small cups ensure a consistent proportion of ingredients for perfect mixed drinks every time.

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