Art & Craft Supplies Checklist: 11 Must-have Items For Kids

We’ve gathered up a list of art and craft tools that kids will love to use. With all these tools and materials, we are sure that all the kids can create their own masterpieces.  

1. Scissors

2. Paper

3. Glue

To begin with, let’s start with the very basic items. Scissors, paper, and glue are probably the most basic tools that everyone needs to have, and you may already have them at home. If you really don’t have any of them, you may also browse through Sourcing and you will find all of the mentioned products there.

Drawing tools

4. Crayon

5. Colour pencil

Then, you will also need some drawing tools, like crayons, colour pencils and chalk. For smaller kids, crayons are what they need as they are easy to grasp and don’t need too much effort to use. While for bigger kids they can go for color pencils.

Decoration tools and materials

6. Craft punch

7. Bead

8. Glitter

9. Craft tape

10. Stickers

Once the kids have created and shaped the artwork, it’s time to have a few decorations on them. The above decorative materials are all available in various types of colours, shapes and designs, letting the kids use their creativity and do all kinds of mix and matches by these items.

Art &craft kit

11. Art & craft kit

For lazy DIY-ers, they can check out various types of toy craft kits at Sourcing, we have got everything from foam sewing kits, paper art, pom pom kits to coloring sets. These kits include everything, just follow the instruction, and then everyone can easily get started.