7 Kinds Of Eco-Friendly Products And Services For Consumer And Industrial Use-

7 Kinds Of Eco-friendly Products And Services For Consumer And Industrial Use

Hong Kong has been an active participant in global efforts to protect the environment and is among one of the earliest cities in Asia taking actions to combat climate change. And it’s not just the government that is working hard for a greener future, the city’s start-ups have stepped forward to help too. Here are some of their latest eco-friendly products and services.

Aspara smart grower by Growgreen Limited
Aspara from Growgreen Limited

Growing plants and vegetables is not always a simple task for urbanites. But with the help of Growgreen Limited’s indoor hydroponic smart grower, the aspara, consumers will find it so much easier. The grower is equipped with built-in smart sensors and planting programs, which automatically detect nutrients, air temperature, humidity, light intensity, spectrum, etc, creating the most suitable growth conditions for different plant species. The company claims that consumers can harvest their herbs and vegetables in about four weeks.

2. Openable, reusable straws

One Bubble Straw from Green One Lab Limited

Reusable straws are environmentally friendly, yet they are notoriously hard to clean to become hotbeds of bacteria over time. Green One Lab Limited, which specialises in sustainable product design and development, offers reusable straws that can be opened lengthwise, so that users can easily and thoroughly clean them even without any brushes. The company’s latest straw is designed for drinking bubble tea, as it features a large width and a bevelled end for puncturing a tea cup’s sealing film. All of Green One Lab’s straws are BPA-free, FDA-approved, heat-resistant up to 100oC and dishwasher safe.

3. Houseware made from natural and recycled materials

Dinner set made from agri-waste
Dinner set made from agri-waste from Desixnlab Ltd

With a highly experienced team with a combined 60 years of experience in management and product design, Desixnlab Ltd offers a range of houseware made using natural and recycled materials, including FSC-certified wood, bamboo, paper, natural fibres and agri-waste. The company instills the sustainability concept into every phase of the product lifecycle — from development, design, manufacturing, packaging to logistics.

4. Sustainable fashion

Digitally printed biodegradable dress
Black and white shirt

Sustainable fashion from V Visionary Design Studio

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries. With “fashion for social good” as its motto, V Visionary Design Studio and its brand V VISSI:revisit reexamine and reinvent the fashion industry from start to finish, collaborate with professionals and industry stakeholders to design and customise sustainable, ethical and intelligent fashion for the global audience. The studio hopes that in doing so, it can influence people to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

5. Cleaning, maintenance and energy-saving of central air conditioning

Cooling tower
Cooling tower from HongKong Tianjun Water Treatment Energy Conservation Technology Co Ltd

HongKong Tianjun Water Treatment Energy Conservation Technology Co Ltd is committed to the cleaning, maintenance and energy-saving of central air conditioning’s water-cycling system and the intelligent water treatment scheme for cooling circulating water system. It offers various services and products, including air-conditioning cooling water sterilisation, pre-treatment filming, descaling, corrosive inhibition, water treatment softening and dosing for sewage devices, adding water to install reverse osmosis equipment and central air-conditioning cleaning agents.

6. Solar panels

Arti Co Limited brings to the market an improved version of transparent solar panels. Made of tempered glass, the grid-connected panes have good thermal insulation, wind resistance and use less energy.

7. Personal protective gear

Safety helmets and boot from Smart City (HK) Trading Limited

Smart City (HK) Trading Limited safeguards factory and construction workers, cleaners and anyone who is engaged in high-risk work activities with quality protective gear, including safety helmets, face shields, goggles, earplugs, boots and gloves.

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