6 Lighting Product Recommendations – Illuminating Possibilities

Exceptional lights are like glowing fireflies in the dark, leaving a glare of arrogance in the surroundings. If you want to light up your space or simply look for some decorations that wow your customers, here are some recommendations:

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Smart Team Holdings Ltd: LED Motion Sensor Light

This round night light is equipped with PIR sensor for auto detection of light and motion to activate itself! It innovatively applies Nano TiO2 photocatalyst technology and emits 2 colors of warm or cool white. Powered by USB-rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries, it is highly portable and you can mount it by hanging it up, magnetic adhesion or simply sticking it to a wall.

Glamor Illumination Limited: RGB Smart String Light

An attractive color-changing light designed for Christmas or other festive occasions, it is made of eco-friendly rubber and PVC cable, waterproof and extendable. Colors can be adjusted using the accompanying mobile app with a single fingertouch of the color scale.

Bestworld Corp Ltd: Solar Sensor Wall Light

Shedding lights in 270 degree wide angle with its 3 faces, the installed Lithium battery conducts outdoor charging during daytime using solar energy, and automatically lights up at night. It is also waterproof and heat-resistant.

Author International Limited: LED Reading Bed Light

Made of aluminium and PS diffuser, users can rotate the Touch Dimming Switch to adjust the brightness. A smart-looking light suitable for bedside installation.

Daiwa Metal Works Co Ltd: LED Letter Sign

For corporate customers, this side-lit signage will surely draw their attention! The composition is half transparent acrylic font, and half metal shell made of stainless steel. Electroplating is possible to paint the surface with attractive colors from rose gold to red bronze. Under the halo of this artistic light, the font outline is prominent to let your company name stand out.

Flying Dragon Development Ltd: Rechargeable Lantern

Bring this handy lantern with you in the wild to guide and illuminate your way forward! No worries if you accidentally drop it to the ground as this sturdy lantern has passed a one-meter drop test. Best for camping, hiking, fishing and other night-time outdoor activities.

Set to bring enlightening ideas to visitors, the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) happening this week will showcase a variety of tech and decorative lights that make life easier when natural light is not available. 

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