Seniors at Home: 8 Recommended Products

With growing aging population worldwide, it is essential to equip every household with senior-friendly healthcare products. The demographic shift is faster than in the past, with the senior (aged 60 or above) proportion nearly double from 12% to 22% from 2015 throughout to 2050. 

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Take a look at below selections that suit the specified needs:

Innovative Precision Instruments Ltd: Blood Sugar Data Transmitter

This digital self-monitoring logbook app called GLUCONEXT is the world's first smart device connected to glucose meters seamlessly and continuously via bluetooth. It automatically transmits real-time blood glucose data which then analyses the data and provides graphs, averages, trends, ranges and evaluations.

Abeltech International Co. Ltd: Multi-Scope for Telehealth

With this universal handheld multi-scope/camera ranging from 1X to 200X magnification, it can make close view to inspect in detail body surface such as the face, hair, scalp and the skin by adjusting the focus.

Ultra Creation Ltd: Smart Alarm Clock for Elderly

SMARTCUCKOO is not only an alarm clock, but also a personal-voice medication reminder, AM/FM radio, auto dimmer, and temperature and humidity sensor all in one device! It is readily connected to mobile app remote control via WIFI.

Family members can take an active role in providing healthcare to their seniors at home.

Home Treatment

Tomax Industries Ltd: Portable Oxygen Concentrator

To make oxygen accessible as seniors move around, take this device with you which is as light as 5kg, multi-layer filtration, exceptional battery life of 800 times usage, low noise level, and most importantly high oxygen purity (40-90%) and 1-5L/min flow rate. Comes with adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying.

Deansenew Knitting Mfy Ltd: Heat Technology Socks

This is a combination of heat storage fiber and heat technology for cold feet people to stay warm indoor and enhance immunity. Soft yet elastic to fit different foot shapes, it is easy to wear and absorb sweat well.

Wearable Technologies

Bestworld Corp Ltd: Smart Fitness Wristband

Look cool while keeping fit with this bright smartband, which features monitoring of calories, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, along with automatic sleep monitor, alarm clock, and water-drinking reminder.


As light as 15g, upon wearing the earplugs, the device will accurately detect snoring and intervenes by emitting gentle micro vibrations. The brain responds by driving the throat muscles to contract and open the airway. This mechanism allows you to breathe smoothly, stop snoring, and therefore sleep better.

Kyto Fitness Technology Co. Ltd: Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

This heart rate monitor measures your heart rate while exercising. It is finely designed for a high degree of accuracy. With an adjustable strap, this monitor is comfortable for wearing.

Keeping fit and regular exercise with wearable technologies is becoming popular among seniors too!

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