Ready to Hit the Market with 10 Necessities for New Families?

Despite uncertainties in the post-pandemic world, the global economy is set to rebound in major countries for 2022 to 2023. In fact, according to the latest EY Future Consumer Index, consumers are responding to crisis by taking active control over their household spending, put less emphasis on products’ brands and shifted priorities towards affordability within a constrained family budget. In short, families continue to spend considerable amounts on a daily basis, but much more wisely.

As new families become more cautious in wellbeing as well as their spending, below are some smart choices to source from to target these customers. 

Grandway Healthcare Limited: Blood Pressure Monitor

As people are more health-aware nowadays, regular body check-up at home has become a trend. One key metric is the monitoring of blood pressure which is important for both the old and younger family members. With a compact design and the monitor, display and cuff integrated in one, this innovative device alarms you of any potential health risks at the comfort of your home.

Qivation Company Limited: LED Light Bulb

Having comfortable lighting is essential for studying at the desk or simply any reading/working activities. This light-weighed LED light bulb features 24/7 disinfection and air purification of the surroundings, adding an extra layer of protection for kids – what’s more, it can be remotely controlled by a free app through Wi-fi or Bluetooth to adjust the shades!

Ultmost Electronic Ltd.: Soap Dispenser

This cartoon duck sits in the bathroom but like no other, it does not serve as a toy but rather maintains hygiene by spraying foaming soap upon hand detection. With its lovely appearance and touchless design, it helps create a proper hand cleansing habit for both children and young adults. Power-saving mode can be set before recharge.

Wealth Concept Limited: Photo Album

If you like to decorate your home or just want an album to keep your fond memories, this customised table top mini album is for you! This wire-binding album contains 20 pages and can hold up to 40 instant photos.

For Kids

Excel Vantage International Limited: School Bag

For new families, equipping their kids with school uniform, accessories and stationery is a must, and an attractive school bag is certainly on the list. Beneath its elegant print pattern, it has multi-function storage and weighs only 0.7kg, suitable for pressure relief and protecting the kids’ spine.

Underthepillow Limited: Tee

As part of a cartoon series called “SingSing Rabbit”, the tee features a cute face of the character printed on a child fit. Available in bright and dark colours, young parents can consider mix and match with their kids for family occasions.

Fame Master International Limited: 4D Skeleton

What makes this toy special is the anatomy of human and animals to teach kids about the structure of major organs with a 4D visualisation model. Some organ parts are removable while others are transparent to show the interior features. Best for junior high school kids’ use.

Transaudio: Card Game

For family leisure, card games are always a great companion. This product is accredited by the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre for safety compliance and promotes sustainability and conservation of our planet. Photos of living species are on the cards for kids to learn about ecology while training up their minds. On top of these, it is easy to play with simple game rules.


Brilliant Rich Electronics Limited: Pet House

It is likely that new families want to keep a pet, and this product suits those who adopt a cat or dog. The adjustable temperature range is from 15°C to 33°C, keeping pet warm in winter and cool in summer. The shell is made of plastic and uses low D.C. voltage for operation; the transformer has built-in protection circuit and wirings are protected with metallic net from any damage from the pets’ claws or teeth.

Bejeweled Accessories (BA) Creations Ltd.: Pet Costume

It may be a good idea to dress up your pet and take it out for a walk in a fancy costume. In this regard, customised sizes are available to fit the pets’ body at an affordable price. Designs are available for festive seasons like the upcoming Halloween or Christmas.

We hope the above recommendations can help you generate some ideas for building a warm home and an environment that nurtures youth growth. For the full list of suppliers and their products, please visit Sourcing to search for more. Happy buying!

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