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8 Home Décor Items that Consumers Are Buying Now

Home Décor items have always been a representation of lifestyle and personalities. There is a variety of home décor products available in the market, which items should we go for? Check out these 8 home décor items that your customers would love as they are spending more time at home.

Infuse life into your living room with this artificial topiary that doesn’t need to be nursed. This is a potted plant crafted with six lovely boxwood balls, which adds a natural touch to your lovely home.  

2.Tuned Wind Chimes -50"

Wind chimes help to attract positive energy and has a calming effect. The gentle tinkling sound that generate from the wind chimes help the positive energy to linger on and meander gently in your living place. Besides bringing you good luck, the warm breeze with beautiful music also makes you feel comfortable all day. It is perfect for the balcony and anywhere you wish to add beautiful melodies to your environment.

3. Oil Painting

Walls need something to put on too! This canvas artwork shows a tranquil and relaxing seaside scene, it helps create a more classy ambiance and is quite versatile in different room setting.

4. Ceramic Horse

This golden horse is sure to bring you good fortunes. Some say it even possesses magical properties to protect your home and your wealth. It is also a home decoration that show your noble temperament.

5. LED Filament Bulb

Lend a soothing ambiance to living space with this LED filament bulb. Housed in the flawlessly shaped bulb is a finely entwined exposed filament for an enchanting old-worldly appeal. Matched to its timeless appearance are all the benefits of a LED bulb, ranging from being energy-sufficient to having a long product life and more. Brighten up a dim corner in any abode and create a tranquil and homey atmosphere with this premium-quality piece.

6. Vintage Lamp

This Rosewood Floor Lamp showers soft, soothing light onto its surroundings. Constructed from rosewood and silk lampshade, this lamp brings a sense of peace and calm into your home.

7. Tray For Watch Band

Keep your watch bands in a perfect setting for display with this tray. It is built with 24 sections for versatile use. The soft velvet vacuum interior will avoid shock and damages the watch straps.

8. Plastic Bead Garland

Accentuate your mantel, doorway, stairway, wall, or other furniture with this colourful garland. With a glittering appearance, the garland comes with metallic-tone beads in rainbow colours. Made with quality plastic materials, the decoration item is easy to be stored and very durable for repeated uses.

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