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6 Must-Have Travel Items For Every Traveler

Whether you are lucky enough to have a bit of traveling or are treating yourself to a staycation, it is beyond doubt that consumers are changing the way they travel. To cope with the changes in the travel trend, here are the 6 must-have travel accessories for 2021.

With new ways to travel, travelers need a new way to carry their stuff too. backpacks have become one of the most essentials to urban travelers. When choosing a backpack, if the backpack is too large or small, you’ll find it hard to get or carry the things you need. So the key is to have the right capacity and compartments for the types of travelers you are selling to.  Small features such as adjustable hip belts are also making big differences to the weight feeling from the backpack. Needless to say, a well-supported internal frame is something expected from the consumers.
For leisure travelers or travelers taking shorter trips, a simpler backpack with one main compartment and a smaller compartment or pocket in the front, which make it lighter in weight and easy to carry.  

2. Luggage

Travel luggage comes in different shapes, textures and sizes, here we have listed out some of the most popular types. Among all types of luggage, wheeled travel luggage is the most common and traditional type of luggage. It has two fixed wheels at the bottom of the bag and pulls by a handle. And now, spinner luggage is getting more popular since they are more to easy to operate.  It has four wheels on the bottom, these spinner wheels allow you to move freely in every direction. Check out more details at Sourcing and go for one that best suits your travelers’ style. 

3. Travel Pouch

A travel pouch helps you to keep small things such as toiletries organized. There are various types of travel pouch available in the market, the most common travel pouch will be the one with multiple easy-access compartments. It is still one of the popular choices of corporate gifts because of its versatile usage. 

4. Travel adaptor

In addition to converting voltage, travel adapters are now widely used to charge electronic devices as they have multiple USB ports. As travelers are still likely carrying their electronic devices even when they are taking a short break, powering gadgets/products are still selling in multiple markets. Different countries and regions do have different plug types and consumer protection for powering devices, check with the local authority about the requirement or restriction before sourcing related products. 

5. Personal care products

As travelers today have to make sure they look perfect in the pictures on social media, different kinds of personal care items that help improve skin conditions are very important to them. 

To prepare skin in different conditions, this waterproof 5-in-1 Magic Ball with food-grade silicone can be used to wash the head, face, and the whole body thoroughly. It also comes with a massager so users can easily pamper themselves. The patented design makes it very portable and saves limited packing space during travel too.

6. Beach toys

A holiday can be in different forms. Some may go to nearby holiday beach houses, hotels with pools, or even domestic cruises. To enjoy the beautiful beaches and different kinds of water sports, we have hand-picked some of the best beach toys for your customers and we are sure these toys can keep them entertained and busy for the whole day!

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