7 Tech Products For Learning, Entertainment And Health Monitoring

Incorporated with the latest technology, the following products facilitate people in gaining knowledge, elevate their entertainment experiences and help them keep track of their health.

Flight simulation device
Flight simulation device from Aerosim (HK) Limited

Technological innovations have opened up new ways to train and learn. As a synthetic flight training device (FTD) company, Aerosim (HK) Limited’s expertise lies in developing flight simulation technology. Coupled with intensive research, the company brings aviation training to students and pilots, as well as the general public.

STEM car
Smart robot car from Stemhub Holdings Limited

Meanwhile, Stemhub Holdings Limited focuses on children and offers them STEM educational materials including a smart robot car and learning kits to unleash their creativity and let them enjoy coding without needing prior experiences, helping to train them to become tomorrow’s engineers, programmers and leaders.

2. Elevating entertainment experiences

Hydropower shower speaker
Shower Power from Ampere LLC

Advancements in technology has revolutionised the way people relax and enjoy their free time. With a mission to create artfully designed technology products that improve life, Ampere LLC’s latest creation is the Shower Power, a waterproof speaker that runs on hydropower, allowing consumers to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks while taking a shower in the bathroom. Designed to fit on any showerhead, the speaker is made from 100-per-cent recycled ocean plastic.

Innovative E-sport gaming controller
KJ-Stick from KellyJohn Studio Limited

To elevate the gaming experience, KellyJohn Studio Limited has developed the KJ-Stick, an action game controller allowing consumers to play video games and e-sport games by mimicking actual game actions, like swinging a sword, punching and kicking.

Gaze cameras
Frage from Lofty Factory Company Limited

Frage, a snap camera brand from Lofty Factory Company Limited, offers interesting photo shooting experiences to photography enthusiasts.

3. Making self-health monitoring accessible for everyone

AutoKeto breathalyzer
AutoKeto breathalyzer from King's Phase Technologies Limited

Health monitoring is a lot easier when people have the right tools. The AutoKeto breathalyzer developed by King’s Phase Technologies Limited is perfect for health-conscious individuals. Users can utilise it to monitor and track their breath acetone levels, so that they can keep track of the changes in their body fat and fat burning in real time.

AI-based knee osteoarthritis management system
AI-based knee osteoarthritis management system from CLAIRE Clinical AI Research Limited

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the US, more than 32 million adults in the country live with osteoarthritis, which typically occurs in the hip, knees and hands. Claire Clinical AI Research Limited provides AI solutions to knee osteoarthritis disease management. Its AI prognostic system and mobile app can facilitate early detection or triage in the healthcare sector while allowing patients to perform self-management.

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