9 Tech Start-Ups That Can Help Businesses Grow

Technology plays an important role in almost any part of a business and is crucial for dealing with challenges during uncertain times. Here are 9 start-ups and their technological innovations that can help businesses thrive.

AI Ambassador
AI Ambassador from Alphart Limited

Technology can improve many areas of a business operation, such as customer services. The AI Ambassador, from Alphart Limited, is a servicing robot that combines natural language processing ability, a text-to-speech engine and avatar animation, so that it can understand users’ needs and provide relevant services instantly, making it an excellent addition to a customer service counter or the lobby of a building.

Infinity Rover
Infinity Rover from Bonbon Robotics Limited

Meanwhile, Bonbon Robotics Limited’s Infinity Rover is a point-to-point self-navigation unit that can carry up to 50kg payload to perform indoor transportation tasks. With different add-ons, it can further be used for surveillance, disinfection and decoration.

2. Engineering and manufacturing support

Electronic assembly service
Electronic assembly service from PDS Technology Electronic Limited

Knowing that many bright ideas do not realise into best-selling products due to a lack of engineering and manufacturing support, PDS Technology Electronic Limited offers its resources and expertise to help. The company specialises in the manufacturing of prototypes and small to medium-sized volume production of rigid and flex assemblies. From design, engineering, production to marketing, PDS has the tools that electronic innovators and developers need to launch their product ideas and bring them to market.

3. Solutions for logistics and transport

Zeek smart logistics platform
Zeek logistics platform from Kin Shun Information Technology Ltd

With e-commerce booming, the demand for quality, efficient delivery services is on the rise. Utilising big data and artificial intelligence, Kin Shun Information Technology Ltd provides smart logistics, SaaS solutions and O2O integrated on-demand delivery services. Its smart logistics platform, Zeek, offers various kinds of delivery services, fulfilling customers’ needs for food and parcel delivery and last-mile logistics.

Edge computing technology
Edge computing technology from Socif Limited

Socif Limited, on the other hand, focuses on the movement of passengers and serving the passenger transport industry. The company provides B2B smart transport solutions using AI, IoT and edge computing technology. Its solutions include the NPU-based edge computing device, in-bus lidar-based passenger counting system (PCS), estimated time of arrival (ETA) service, route optimisation and fleet management service for the passenger transport industry. The company claims that its own developed NPU compression technology lowers 70 per cent of the cost of using in-vehicle edge computing technology.

4. Platforms for better businesses

AI-powered retail experimental platform
AI-powered retail experimental platform from TradeMonday Limited

Data is the new oil and TradeMonday Limited knows it too well. It has developed an AI-powered retail experimental platform, which can analyse rich consumer data alone with customer journey from various sources (social media, online searches, transactions, etc), turn them into actionable insight and empower businesses in simulating top-line strategy planning. The SaaS platform has already been applied in industries including food retailing, fashion, cosmetics, electronics, as well as shopping malls.

SensePlus Air Sterilizer
SensePlus Air Sterilizer from MaxiSense IoTech Limited

MaxiSense IoTech Limited has developed a cloud-based carrier-grade management platform, the SensePlus-Manager, for all types of IoT devices. The platform features end-to-end service enablement capability, coupled with uniform management service modules to support the delivery and deployment of IoT solutions at home and in offices, enhancing the after-sales service quality and elevating the customer experience. The company also offers its own home appliances.

Wada Bento vending machine
Wada Bento vending machine from Kamakura Foods Limited

Using hot-chained technology, Kamakura Foods Limited has invented the Wada Bento vending machine to provide consumers with hot, hygienic lunch boxes. Consumers simply order their bento lunch boxes and select their pickup time and location online, then collect their bento by scanning a QR code on the vending machine. Seeing that this business model has been a success right from the beginning, the company is now franchising the operation of its vending machines. 

5. Gamification of cyber risk education

Cybersecurity gamification solution
Cybersecurity gamification solution from Hoplite Technology Limited

There is no doubt that technology can help bring in businesses, yet it can also be used as a tool for committing cybercrimes. As such, providing cyber risk education to employees is a must. Hoplite Technology Limited takes this kind of education to a new level by offering an innovated cybersecurity gamification solution. By making use of a game mechanism, the company believes the solution can help raise employees’ cybersecurity awareness in a more effective and engaging way, and therefore reduce companies’ cyber risks related to phishing and ransomware.   

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