Taking the Centre Stage: Fashion Sourcing Trends in 2022 to 2023|HKTDC

The past two years have been an exceptionally challenging period for the fashion industry. With most of the world under some sort of restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to purchase new clothing and stay up to date with fashion trends has taken a lower priority on consumer lists.

In addition to the plunging demands for apparel pieces, issues caused by logistical delays and supply chain bottlenecks have further impacted the industry in devastating ways. After two long years of plummeting sales, however, the fashion industry has finally begun to pick its feet off the ground.

The fashion industry is forecasted to have a continued strong growth from the pandemic sales slump in the coming months.

According to World Trade Organization (WTO), the fashion industry saw a 12% and 57% year-on-year growth rate in Q1 and Q2 of 2021, respectively[1]. This encouraging trend is forecasted to continue through the remaining of the year.

Keep updated on the latest fashion sourcing trends and discover the industry’s outlook in the article below.

Understanding the viewpoints of buyers and exhibitors in HKTDC’s CENTRESTAGE fair – one of Asia’s most prominent fashion exhibitions can provide valuable insights into business positioning and forecasted trends in the fashion industry.

1.Optimistic on Industry Outlook

According to a survey conducted in 2021 by HKTDC Research, most buyers and exhibitors believe sales to increase in 2022. These beliefs are based on the perception of arising opportunities from recovering consumer purchasing power, e-tailing leads, and rising demands from the market[2].

2.Asian Markets with Greatest Potential

How traders see market prospectus gives an insight towards fashion market sales plan in the coming years. According to CENTRESTAGE exhibitors in 2019, the Asian market is the most promising market over the next two years. Amongst all markets, Mainland China, South Korea and Hong Kong are perceived to have the most potential over other regions.

3.Crossovers and Sustainable Fashion to Lead

Regarding product development strategies, crossovers between fashion brands have become the most popular among exhibitors, with sustainable fashion and KOL-endorsed collections trailing shortly behind. These strategies are primarily due to the rising importance of green consumerism and social media marketing in the past few years.

Crossovers between fashion brands have become the most popular among exhibitors.

4.New Emerging Fashion Categories

Although casual wear and fashion accessories remain the most popular fashion category in the coming period, sportswear has also become a rising category amongst consumers, with a whopping 10% increase to 14% compared to 2019. This is attributed to the rise of COVID-19, leading to increased health and fitness awareness.

Casual wear and fashion accessories continue to top the charts as the most popular category.

Taking Your Business to the Centre Stage

As one of the world’s fastest moving and everchanging industries, businesses must constantly keep updated with upcoming fashion trends and market shifts to stay successful. This step begins with engaging in global fashion fairs such as HKTDC’s CENTRESTAGE.

HKTDC’s premier fashion event, CENTRESTAGE, attracts many international buyers and renowned fashion brands to attend every year.

Established to become Asia’s Fashion Spotlight, CENTRESTAGE showcases multiple emerging fashion brands and designer labels around the world. Each year, CENTRESTAGE links industry powerhouses and recognized fashion leaders to establish meaningful connections amongst businesses.

Centrestage will feature multiple fashion shows and brand showcases for labels to promote their latest collections.

Every year, the HKTDC CENTRESTAGE fair features a different theme that attracts brands to display their mesmerizing creations for all to see in multiple fashion shows and brand showcases. The theme of CENTRESTAGE 2022 is ‘Inclusion and Diversity’ with the tagline #MeMyselfAndUs. Guests can expect to engage in eye-opening innovative runway presentations and live performances beyond the limits.

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