Hong Kong Manufacturer Starts Mask Production

Covering Your Needs – Hong Kong Manufacturer Starts Mask Production

Relying on its expertise and experience, Wah Sing Pharmaceutical Ltd, maker of the next-generation medicated oil Zihua Embrocation, has taken up the task of meeting the growing demand for quality and affordable surgical masks

The well-being of consumers is a priority for Wah Sing Pharmaceutical Ltd as it provides a range of products that alleviate personal care problems, including its signature product, Zihua Embrocation medicated oil. Therefore, when the company witnessed the exponentially growing local demand for surgical masks because of the coronavirus pandemic, it felt a responsibility to contribute to the local community that it is deeply rooted in. “It so happened that we made the decision late last year to manufacture masks for internal use,” says  Eric Hui, Wah Sing Pharmaceutical’s Deputy General Manager. “We already had high-spec production spaces in Hong Kong dedicated to medical products and we possess rich experience in dust-free workspaces and clean machinery. So, we only had to make some adjustments to upgrade our factories and install the machinery for making masks.”

Masks made in Hong Kong

Wah Sing Pharmaceutical invested HK$7m in two production lines that are able to make three million surgical masks a month in a cleanroom. Named WeArmaskTM, the masks are made with fabrics that meet the highest standards: both bacterial and particle filtration efficiencies (BFE and PFE) of at least 99 per cent and fluid resistance satisfying ASTM levels 1 and 2. Dedicated quality control staff make sure that only the highest calibre of melt-blown, non-woven fabric – the heart of any surgical mask – that meets rigorous specifications is used.

“After going through SARS and now COVID-19, Hong Kong people are once again strengthening their awareness of hygiene. We expect surgical masks will remain in demand even when the current pandemic dissipates. During the yearly flu season, masks could become a staple for many of us,” Hui says. “We will be marketing the WeArmaskTM for its efficiency and comfort and at affordable prices as we aim to help people to stay healthy, which is the company’s mission. We want the brand to serve as a reminder to the public of the importance of practicing good personal hygiene.

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