7 Products That Chinese Consumers Are Buying More As They Cannot Go Out

7 Products That Chinese Consumers Are Buying More As They Cannot Go Out

Due to fears of a COVID-19 epidemic spreading through the workforce, many non-manufacturing businesses are extending their work from home policies – especially in China and other outbreak regions. Recently, social media giant Twitter ordered its Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea-based staff to work remotely from home.

With China’s economy slowed, much of the country’s working class is spending increasing amounts of time at home. To stave off boredom, many are looking to online shopping to keep their minds occupied. Check out seven items that have seen a recent surge in demand:

1. Nintendo Switch Console and Ring Fit Adventure ­

What better way to satisfy your gaming and fitness cravings at the same time?

2. Yoga Mats

Stretch, build tone and release tension in the comfort of your own home

3. Exercise Training Water Bag 21L

Made with sturdy and waterproof fabric, this training bag can make your work out at home easier.

4. Eyeshadow palettes

Although face masks are in, your eyes still speak volumes!

5. Smart Doorbell

Screen house guests and communicate with delivery couriers remotely

6. Stylish Baking Trays

More time at home means more time to cook. These stylish baking trays add a special touch to your dishes.

7. Automatic Sensor Soap Dispenser

Keep your hands clean and get an automatic soap dispenser.

Automatic Sensor Soap Dispenser

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