The Time is Now: Timepieces to Dominate Sourcing Trends in 2022 to 2023|Watch & Clock Fair HKTDC

Like many luxury markets, the watch and clock industry took a massive blow to revenue ever since the COVID-19 outbreak. Economic uncertainties, lockdowns, and social distancing have all impeded activities related to watch purchasing, causing a plummet in industry. According to McKinsey analysis, global watch businesses reported revenue declines as steep as 30% in 2020, with Switzerland – a country with the biggest high-end watch market recording the steepest slump since the 2009 financial crisis[1][2].

The timepiece market is expected to lead sourcing trends in the upcoming year .

However, things are finally looking up for the industry. With the transformation of watch purchasing to e-commerce platforms and recovery in purchasing power driven by accumulated savings during lockdowns, the demand and potential growth for the watch and clock market are paramount.

As the timepiece market is expected to dominate sourcing trends in the second half of 2022 and 2023, businesses must keep updated on market trends to capture upcoming opportunities.

According to a research survey conducted by HKTDC in September 2021, results showed an overall optimistic atmosphere amongst buyers and suppliers who anticipate better business environments and market growth in 2022.

1.Expected Growth of Overall Sales

In 2021, almost half of the respondents expected overall sales to grow in 2022, with buyers predicting a growth rate of 23% on average and exhibitors forecasting 30% – compared to less than one-third of respondents in 2019[3].

Half of the respondents in 2021 expected sales to grow in 2022.

2.Digital Sales to Prevail

Due to lockdowns and the increasing importance of digitalization – a market shift expedited due to COVID-19; digital sales have played an even more proactive role than in pre-pandemic times. This rise in popularity is expected to continue in 2022.

According to HKTDC Research, the average proportion of sales from e-tailing accounted for 26% of overall revenue for those engaged in online platforms. More than half of the respondents indicated that digital sales accounted for more than 20% of sales compared to less than 40% in 2019[4].

Digital sales are taking a greater proportion of sales in businesses.

3.Smart is Better

When buyers and suppliers were asked about product segments with the highest growth potential over the next 12 months, most responses shifted towards smart and sports watches. HKTDC Research indicates that 64% of all respondents chose smart watches as their answer compared to 38% in 2019 – showing a whopping 26% increase in choice[5].

Smart watches and sports watches expected with the greatest growth in 2022.

Product Trends to ‘Watch’

Understanding trending products and upcoming consumer interests are essential to aid the sourcing process. Recognizing these market movements can help increase consumer traffic and ultimately boost sales. Coherent to the survey above, HKTDC Research reveals similar product trends in their data and industry profile analysis.

1.Sport Watches

With fitness and sports activities becoming more prevalent in our daily lives, customers are increasingly interested in sports watches that feature ultra-lightness, comfort, water resistance and high durability.

2.Smart Watches

Due to the pandemic, the general population has become increasingly health-conscious than before. To respond to this shift in interest, many watchmakers devoted resources to developing functions that monitor vital signs, body movement, temperature tracking and GPS systems.

Sports watches and smart watches are maintaining their popularity and are expected to top the watch market.

3.Fashion Watches

The jumbo‑case watch dial is one of the trending statements for the younger generation. For female consumers, designs with vivid colours such as pink and white are prevalent. For male consumers, wristwatches with chronograph functionality and a bezel are popular.

4.Sustainable Watches

With the increasing population of eco-conscious consumers, some brands are creating wristwatches made from sustainable materials, vegan leather, and solar-powered watches to cater to these customers.

Time to Fulfil Your Sourcing Needs

Opportunities do not wait for anyone. As vital as it may be, understanding market trends mean nothing without execution. Keeping updated by working with current and reliable suppliers is of utmost importance to ensure business growth. Therefore, step one of success begins with well-planned sourcing.

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