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As we enter the second half of 2023, AI has become the key of digital marketing with increasingly advanced text and graphic generation technology. Even if contents are excellent, it is necessary to successfully convert to traffic in order to further boost revenue. It has been a difficulty for SMEs to gain SEO traffic, but with the aid of AI tools, the SEO game is already changed!

In June’s Digital Academy webinar, Ivan So, Founder of digital marketing courses provider HDcourse, helped foresee SEO trends in 2023 second half and 2024, taught on drawing large quantity of SEO traffic with AI, and recommended easy and useful AI tools. The discussion covered the following:

Ivan demonstrated how to look for 5 trending topics for SEO writing within 1 minute, using Google Search and AI tool “POE”. Below are some steps:

Step 1

Ivan inputted “Toys” in Google Search, then copied all the search results (except paid advertisements) regardless of their formats and ranking: 

Step 2

Subsequently, paste all the copied search results into POE (ChatGPT):

There is no need to arrange a proper sequence or layout for the search results, as POE AI is specialised in reading messy texts too!

Step 3

Input your prompt such as “base on the below content, suggest 5 blog post topic in zh-tw”, for POE to suggest article topics:

Since the source of information is from Google Search, the topics suggested highly resemble the real-time Google search results, rather than created by POE AI.

Step 4

If you are interested in a particular suggested topic, you can request POE to generate a detailed article outline by inputting the prompt “list outline for topic: “, or even writing the whole article:

Nevertheless, if you missed any one step, the effectiveness of this method may vary or lead to poor result. 

For the entire process and ways to look for precise SEO keywords, click through below video to find out!

Watch the Webinar Recording Now (In Cantonese):​

To watch the full version of the webinar, please register at the Digital Academy website to view!

About the Speaker

Picture of Ivan So / SEO Expert, Founder of HDcourse

Ivan So / SEO Expert, Founder of HDcourse

Ivan is a seasoned trainer with 18 years of SEO, WordPress and eCommerce experience. He built over 50+ sites to test SEO and gained lots of traffic.

Ivan built over 400+ WordPress & WooCommerce site and won numerous IT awards. Various top-tier corporates have invited him as an instructor and judging panel of start-up and business contests. Lead organiser of WordCamp HK, SG and MY, co-organiser of HK WordPress Meetup, Elementor Leader in HK.

Ivan is 5 times Amazon ebook best seller, the only official certified MailChimp partner in Hong Kong.

Upcoming Webinar on July 28!

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