7 Products To Brighten Up Your Home Office

6 Products To Brighten Up Your Home Office

As the number of coronavirus infections continues to rise around the world, Hong Kong’s leadership has ordered the majority of civil servants to work from home again beginning from 23 March. With even the headquarters of the South China Morning Post being shut down and issuing a work from home policy, it’s likely that many more businesses will follow suit. Although a home office initially seems like a welcome change away from the workplace, an extended stay at home can soon lose its appeal. To redefine the boundaries between work and leisure, here are several products to add a bit of home back to the home office experience:

Light up your living room with glamour and sparkle.

2. PS4 Wireless Game Controller

Compatible with PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles as well as PC, take your gaming endeavours further with this handy Bluetooth controller.

3. RC Drone

Capable of flying through the sky and burning rubber on the ground, this nimble quad-copter drone packs tons of action in a tiny frame.

4.VR Headset

Transform your smartphone into a VR headset and step into a brand new world of entertainment!

5.Digital Photo Frame

Relive memories and past adventures with a digital slideshow.

6.3D Printing Pen

It’s never too late to show off your creativity. Make anything you can imagine using this handy pen!

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