3 Types Of Gemstones For Making Spectacular Jewellery And Watches

3 Types Of Gemstones For Making Spectacular Jewellery And Watches

Whether it’s the classic white diamonds, candy-like semi-precious stones or luxuriously lustrous pearls, gemstones that are preciously natural and strikingly alluring will certainly make fine jewellery and watches even more magnificent.

Described by some as “fragments of stars”, diamonds were formed billions of years ago, making them some of the oldest and rarest naturally occurring precious gemstones on the planet. As such, diamonds generate a real sense of timelessness and represent an authentic way of celebrating life’s most memorable moments. It is these attributes that make diamonds the perfect embellishment on watches and the go-to stone for jewellery.

Hong Kong companies, such as Diarough (HK) Ltd, A.A. Rachminov Diamond (Asia) Ltd and Belodiam Ltd, supply white diamonds and fancy coloured diamonds (it is estimated that in every 10,000 diamonds, only one has a fancy colour) with various sizes, cuts and shapes.

White diamonds in various shapes
Diarough (HK) Ltd
White and fancy coloured diamonds in various shapes
A.A. Rachminov Diamond (Asia) Ltd
Pear-shaped diamond in a vivid pink colour
Belodiam Ltd

2. Semi-precious stones

While diamonds remain a firm favourite, more and more consumers are showing interest in other gemstones. Some consumers, particularly the younger generation, go for semi-precious stones for their friendly price tags and unconventional and fashionable looks.

Fancy Gems provides an array of precious and semi-precious gemstones, including green garnet, tsavourite, amethyst, ruby and sapphire of various colours, from 1mm to 3.5mm in size and in sieve sizes of #000 to #2.

Coming in an assortment of colours, tourmaline is another popular stone. With its captivating colour and rarity, Paraiba tourmaline is perhaps the most sought-after tourmaline. Blue Gems Supplier offers Paraiba tourmalines ranging from 3mm to 30mm in size, which are perfect for embellishing all sorts of jewellery pieces.

Assortment of gemstones
Fancy Gems
Pear-shaped and oval-shaped greenish blue Paraiba tourmalines
Blue Gems Supplier

3. Pearls

As symbols of wealth, status, rarity, purity and perfection, pearls were once offered as tributes to ancient kings and queens. Today, even though the majority of pearls are cultured, pearls are still of high value and are loved by every market.

Round pearls are without question the most in demand. Heng Bo Pearl Group Ltd offers 10mm Tahitian pearls that are round, dark and flawless, which are excellent for creating classic and elegant jewellery pieces. The firm also has 14mm to 25mm nucleated baroque freshwater pearls that are lustrous and smooth. These irregularly shaped pearls allow jewellery designers to really show their creativity to produce modern, one-of-a-kind designs.

Heng Bo Pearl Group Ltd

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