HKTDC Webinar Recap: ChatGPT Applications in SMEs | Cost-Effective Ways to Unleash Business Potential

ChatGPT is continually launching new versions and people are being distracted by the many AI technologies generated – which is the best for SMEs’ use? We have shared earlier how to use generative AI for copywriting and new business, and in April, Digital Academy brought to you the “Backend episode”, the third session of our “SME AI Applications Trilogy”.

In April’s Digital Academy’s webinar, Keith Li, Co-founder and CEO of Innopage helped SMEs lower costs while increasing effectiveness to improve performance and unleash potential with his backend exploitation experiences! The discussion covered the following topics:

According to Keith, ChatGPT is useful in business applications such as marketing, sales, customer service and human resources. For example, the technology can help generate job description and requirements in the recruitment process. With appropriate input of prompts, it can also effectively screen candidates’ resumes and consolidate the qualifications and experiences of different candidates in a table format.

Human Resources is one company function that can utilise ChatGPT.

As a reminder, Keith suggested using the API version of ChatGPT for the resume screening exercise, as input of sensitive and confidential personal information to the web version of ChatGPT maybe used for training the language model of ChatGPT and result in privacy breach.

Company Website Building

Aside from HR routines, companies can also use ChatGPT to build a decent website with responsive design. Since ChatGPT has a large database of webpages, it can meet different user requirements to design a website and provide a better UX. Keith believed the best thing is that ChatGPT can design and customise the layout over and over many times without making a complaint!

Site building is much easier with ChatGPT.

At the end of the webinar, Keith shared his thought that ChatGPT is only an assistant and will not completely replace humans. Nonetheless, those who fail to operate AI may lose the competition.

Watch the Webinar Recording Now (In Cantonese):​

About the Speaker

Keith Li, Co-founder and CEO of Innopage

Keith Li, Co-founder and CEO of Innopage

Keith is the Co-founder and CEO of Innopage Limited and dedicated to mobile app applications, UX/UI design, blockchain and Web3 exploitation. Since 2010, Innopage has won numerous local and international awards with its innovative products. Keith is also a part-time lecturer at local universities and the Chairman of Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA).

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