ChatGPT: Why You Should Get to Know this AI Tool?

Winning much news coverage and attention since its debut in late 2022, ChatGPT by OpenAI (also available to iOS users in Mainland China and Hong Kong via POE) is currently one hottest Artificial Intelligence (AI) product that many anticipate to significantly enhance productivity and may eventually replace manual work. This chatbot is no stranger to challenging questions or tasks and outperforms previous AI tools in terms of accuracy, rationality and extensiveness.

Alongside ChatGPT, AI counterparts such as Microsoft’s Bing with ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, or emerging chatbots from China’s tech giants Alibaba and Baidu are also entering the playing field, making the AI market increasingly competitive. To users like us, this is indeed good news as we have more choices when implementing the technology.

With so many potential benefits to businesses, let’s take a closer look at why ChatGPT is as ground-breaking as it sounds!

Regardless of company scale, traditionally much manpower is devoted to handling tedious routines such as market research, data collection, visualisation and summarisation, report writing and so on. As ChatGPT has much broader functionalities, all these can be done with a clear input of instructions to ChatGPT, and it will do the rest within seconds – generating concise copies, graphs/charts, presentations, giving you key findings or insights from diverse pieces of information – subject to your final check of course! What’s more, it can act as a “consultant” by thinking out of the box, giving the users some creative ideas on how to refine product features, for example. This offers some useful advice beyond the users’ existing knowledge.

Example 1: ChatGPT proposing business ideas to increase market share.

Example 2: ChatGPT can give very detailed answers or customise them upon your instructions.

Example 3: ChatGPT responding to a casual request.

In short, ChatGPT saves you time and costs, making the whole process more efficient.

Tailor-Made to Suit Your Needs

For small- or medium-sized companies with limited resources, or individuals who simply need some writing assistance, ChatGPT is the right way to go as it provides customised answers, and most importantly, it’s super easy to use even without formal training. Cost-wise, since it’s still free and open to public at the moment, there should be no concern for giving it a try.

AI Fab Likely to Continue

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